Upgrades to Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Performing upgrades to your home can help you transform the space into your ideal vision, but it can also serve another purpose. Many times when people plan to eventually sell their home, they focus on upgrades that will help them turn a sizeable profit over what they paid. There are some key upgrades that can be made throughout the home that will appeal to most buyers, and help you make a quicker sale.

Upgrading the Kitchen         

For most buyers, there are few words more tempting than “refinished kitchen.” Kitchen upgrades can easily increase the resale value of a home, so it’s a good idea to start here. Refinishing or installing new cabinets is a must, especially if the kitchen currently lacks storage space. Installing new countertops is also a great way to raise the kitchen’s profile. Wood butcher block counters can complement virtually any kitchen, and stainless steel can give the kitchen a clean, modern look.

If you decide to go with stainless steel for the countertops, consider upgrading your appliances to match. Buyers are drawn to the clean, stylish look of stainless steel refrigerators and stoves, as they are practical to clean and look beautiful.

Finally, consider installing a new sink and faucets to complete the makeover.

Upgrading the Bathroom

You may not think of the bathroom as a major selling point, but an upgraded bathroom could make a world of difference. Aside from the obvious choice of retiling the floor, there are a number of minor upgrades you can perform to get maximum results. Proper lighting is important, so consider adding new light fixtures. You can also install a new shower head and modern fixtures to the sink. If your bathroom lacks storage, adding cabinets and a new medicine cabinet can easily solve that problem.

Upgrading the Floors

There is no denying that buyers today prefer hardwood floors. They’re easier to clean and care for, and are beautiful when well-maintained. If installing all new floors throughout the home is a bit too much of an investment for you, you can always opt for laminate flooring. This gives you the look and feel of a hardwood floor, at a much lower price.

With these upgrades, your home will not only be more appealing to live in, but should you decide to sell the home at some point, it will also have greater appeal to buyers.

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