The Good and the Bad of Buying an Old House in Del Mar

The nostalgia of a warm home with a fire place from another era, and maybe something that resembles Boo Radley’s tree in the garden, are some of beautiful nuances buying an older home in Del Mar.

However, the personality of an old home Del Mar could be costly. The high price of renovations and upkeep are also factors that add up to closing price. So how do you find out if an old home in Del Mar is worth it all? According to an article in, these are some of the pros and cons:

Con: Meeting building code compliance and other maintenance

With no central air, old heating systems or maybe terrible plumbing, the shape of this home in Del Mar might not meet the building codes of today. To make sure things are safe, you should look carefully through each system i.e. heating, wiring, plumbing, air conditioning etc.

Fixing these different systems could get a little pricey. Also chimneys need to be realigned, in addition to older windows may need to be replaced.

Pro: Location!

Normally these homes that are older and more rustic, proximity-wise, are closer to town, local shops, schools and other places of interest. Even if the Del Mar home is outside of town, schools and other stores still may be within walking distance.

Con: Storage space may be lacking

It may be an issue, because usually you end up buying a few new things when you move. Closets these days are normally a lot better equipped than an older home – especially because many will have strange angles, edges or sloped ceilings, and the shelves may need some attention.

Pros: Availability and Furnishings

Depending on the renovations, you don’t have to wait on the developer to complete all of the plans like you would for a new house in Del Mar. After purchasing a new home, you for the most part will have to wait for a year before everything is complete. Also furniture could be cheaper with the sudden popularity of vintage furniture stores, which many times is cheaper than new furniture. The vintage furnishing could match that of the ambiance of the older home in Del Mar.

Both Pros and Cons – The Neighborhood

An old neighborhood could provide an eclectic mix of people who live there. There could be one of two things: First of all research the neighborhood before making the decision. That said you could have in one instance many old houses, while in others, the entire neighborhood could be revamped with brand new houses. Also unsavory characters could live in this area over time.

Pro – If it’s not costly, it’s a good long-term investment

The supply of old homes in Del Mar are few at best. While some decay over time, some also get taken down, which makes the supply dwindle. When looking at the old home, speak with some of the people who live in the neighborhood, because you could figure out how much in value in their homes increased in the last decade.

Con: Roots

Old homes a lot of the time comes with trees that are older – which means the roots may grow inside the homes foundation and plumbing system. Pipe replacement and foundation work could get overpriced.

When it’s all said and done, older house could be beneficial, and add character that modern homes fail to do. Taking the advice of a Del Mar Realtor and doing research on your own could be helpful when you are thinking of making this big decision.

By Linda Moore


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