Housing Market Moving Toward Millennials

The millennial generation’s move to the suburbs has been making headlines throughout the beginning of 2016. The cohort was hit by the worst of the recent recession, student debt, and developed mistrust in the methods of the generation before them. They remained in urban centers and rented apartments much longer than their parents did. There was some speculation about whether millennials would ever “grow up” – but the time is here. Nothing beats the comfort and security of homeownership, and millennials are buying in. In fact, if you’re selling your home, it is likely that interested buyers will be younger than you expect.

This recent article on creative, spectacular home showings illustrates the current trend quite well by implying that successful sellers market to millennials. The article emphasize that home sellers should aim to sell a lifestyle, and while the suburbs are quickly growing in popularity among the group, prospective buyers may be less interested in the peace and quiet of suburbia than their predecessors. Advice includes showing ideas such as “Like Burning Man, minus the camping and most of the drugs” (“Most of”?!?! I’d recommend none…) and tips on constructing that “Instagramable moment”. The intended audience is clear; we’re turning toward a millennial market.

Of course, some things inevitably stay the same. The first generation raised with the Internet continues to turn to expert realtors for guidance through the process. Whether you’re buying or selling, don’t hesitate to contact me today!

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