90-Year Old Man Still Loves Encinitas Home

Encinitas homes have changed over the last 70 years, but in spite of those changes to Encinitas homes (or because of them), Encinitas remains one of the most paradisiac locations in the world.

One man, Boyd Bahlmann, maintains that Encinitas remains a paradise even after 70 years of residency. The 90-year old man bought his Encinitas real estate in 1942 and still lives in the same Encinitas home today.

Bahlmann moved from Winters, Texas with his parents and four siblings during the Dust Bowl era of the late 1930s. Though it has been close to 3/4 of a century since this event took place he still remembers what it was like living in Texas and having to move.

For Bahlmann and his family Encinitas offered an opportunity to get out of the Dust Bowl and begin anew and that is exactly what he did. After spending some time in the Navy Bahlmann purchased his home in Encinitas and worked for an airline manufacturing company for which he worked on a top-secret government project for over 15 years.

Though Bahlmann has seen Encinitas change over the years – Bahlmann was present for the birth of the surfing boom at Moonlight Beach in the late 50’s and remembers a time when the H Street Overlook served as an outlook for Japanese warships during World War II – he maintains that, “It’s kept its small town feel. The city’s done a good job not building any skyscrapers or building any smokestacks…. Encinitas has always been a nice place to live.”

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