How to Make Your Open House Stand Out

When it comes to open houses, the expectation for many buyers is to be wowed. The market is changing, and so is open house culture! You want your home to be memorable and inviting, so it will stand out above the others in a buyer’s search for their dream home. Take a look at these tips:

 Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Use Facebook and Instagram to get the word out! Make sure you have professionally staged photos of your home and make it look beautiful. This is the easiest way to garner attention and get a buyer to check out your open house.

Set the Mood

The right music track can open the environment to new ideas and moods! Music is said to encourage the brain to associate a place with a memory, and can be used as a tool during an open house. Create a soundtrack that is inviting and easy-going for your buyers.

Stage the Home 

While every open house should be staged, you should consider the conditions it needs to be in. It should make the buyer interested and intrigued! Choose the color palettes for the walls and furniture wisely. Consider what a buyer would be interested in and looking for during an open house. Real estate professionals would agree that every buyer is different, but you can neutralize the space to appeal to a larger audience. 

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