The Right Paint Color for Staging

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When a home has been placed on the market, the open houses will start to roll in. During these open houses,  a seller will often be at an advantage if they redesign their space with the buyer in mind. 

One of the easiest ways you can redesign your space is through a simple paint job! While painting can change your space, there are certain colors that are preferable during the selling process.

Some of the most popular paint choices for the staging process are:

1. Neutral, Earthy Tones: Whites, Creams, and light tans are preferable colors for buyers! An earthy color can help neutralize the space for the buyer.

2. Greys and Rock Colors: The color grey and the variants are a popular staging color! It is neutral and easy to decorate with. Grey is a hot color in today’s market.

You should avoid these colors:

1. Bold Reds

2. Mustard Yellows

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