Instagram Worthy Food in and Around Encinitas

Whether or not you enjoy sharing pictures of beautifully presented culinary indulgences on social media, it cannot be denied that food simply tastes better when it looks aesthetically pleasing. Whether it’s a colorful frozen treat or a beautifully designed box of donuts, Instagram worthy food is definitely worth a try. Check out some of these popular Instagram food locations in and around Encinitas and treat yourself to a picture worthy experience!

  • The Baked Bear

This sweet ice cream shop serves up colorful and inventive desserts. Originally founded by two childhood friends, The Baked Bear offers customers over a dozen original ice cream flavors and cookies. Mix and match toppings and choose whether to hold your ice cream together with cookies, donuts, or brownies. There are several locations throughout California.

  • Soda and Swine

This lovely restaurant serves up beautiful presentations of food on a tray. There’s something for everyone here, but they serve a lot of delicious comfort food. Order fried pizza knots or a Beyondce burger and dig in! There are two locations in San Diego, Liberty Station and North Park.

  • Donut Bar

This award-winning donut restaurant features some of the most beautiful and mouth-watering treats! Over 30 donut creations are created every single day so there is always something new to try.  They even offer pop culture themed donuts, like the Homer’s donut and the Butter Beer donut inspired by Harry Potter. There is a location in San Diego.

  • Pokirrito

The award-winning chef and owner of this establishment is Junya Watanabe, creator of the RakiRaki Ramen and J/Wata Temaki Bar. Customers can order fresh and delicious poke bowls, sushi burritos, or tamago-sando, a unique creation. One of their newest creations is not for the mild, a sushi burrito rolled in flaming hot Cheetos!

  • Square Bar Café

This restaurant features beautifully colored desserts and funky drinks. Customers may order macaron ice cream sandwiches, cute animal desserts, rainbow drinks, inventive drinks served in a lightbulb, and much more.  Located in San Diego.

  • Pop Pie Co.

This locally owned specialty pie and coffee shop can be found in San Diego. Whether you’re in the mood for a dessert pie or a full meal, this restaurant sells every kind of pie imaginable. From a hearty steak and ale pie to a Mexican chocolate and dulce de leche pie, the choice is yours!

  • Crème and Sugar

This dessert shop serves nothing but gorgeous and colorful treats. Everything on the menu is fit for a princess. Known for their pastel colored and candy-coated unicorn themed cake, milkshakes, and hot chocolate. This sweet shop in San Diego also designs beautifully aesthetic cakes that simply must be admired.

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