Interior Design Videos for Amateur Staging

Staging has definitely been a theme in my posts recently but what if you don’t have the financial means to hire a staging expert? Or what about when you are just wanting to set up your new house when moving in? Even then you still want it to look presentable and have a good flow to the layout. Having the right layout can increase your comfortability while impressing your house guests. Some of the simplest tricks can make a huge improvement in certain rooms.

I found an excellent YouTube channel, Robeson Design, which gives brilliant interior design tips. She even has a series called “#WWRD” in which she uses pictures from viewers’ homes to give them personalized basic tips on how to rearrange their room. I found two extremely instructional videos that I will share below but she has countless resources for those who need help staging or decorating their house.

She is quite the character as well which is always very fun, it tends to make instructional videos a lot more enjoyable. Sometimes all it takes is to simply change around the furniture, add or remove curtains, and highlight the focal point to completely change the look of the room.  It can really be that easy to make your home twenty times more appealing.

Here are a few examples of the #WWRD episodes-

Living Room:


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