Keeping Your Property Safe After Moving Out

Many people choose to move out while their home is still on the market. This can be a great way to sell the home to buyers looking to move in immediately, but it could also be a beacon for criminals.

Vacant homes can easily attract the wrong element, and the damage they can cause could be astronomical. Graffiti, vandalism, and unlawful occupation of the home are all risks you face when leaving a property vacant.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to leave your home vacant during a sale, there are a few things you should do to keep the property safe.

Notify Your Neighbors

You won’t be around to keep an eye on the property, but your former neighbors will be. Be sure to let your surrounding neighbors know that you are moving out, and ask them to watch out for any suspicious activity. Give them your number if they don’t already have it, and ask them to notify you if they see anyone milling around the property.

Keep up Appearances

Performing routine maintenance on the property isn’t just a good way to help sell the home, it’s an excellent deterrent to prevent intruders. Make sure that the lawn and foliage is trimmed, since overgrown yards are a sure sign that a home is vacant. If you receive newspaper delivery, don’t forget to forward it to your new address, so papers aren’t piling up on your doorstep.

You should also make any minor repairs as soon as possible. Things like a cracked window or loose shutter may seem insignificant, but could be a signal to intruders that the home is vacant.

Make the Home Appear Occupied

Even if you aren’t actively staying at the property, there are a few things you can do to make the home appear occupied. If some of your neighbors own multiple vehicles, you could ask if they would like to park in your driveway. This can make it appear like someone is home to would-be intruders, and your neighbors may appreciate the extra space!

You can also buy lighting timers and attach them to lights placed throughout the home. This will prevent your vacant home from being constantly dark, giving it the appearance of being lived-in.

And if at all possible, leave your curtains or window blinds behind. This can make it difficult for potential intruders to look through the windows to see what’s inside.

With these tips, you can help safeguard against intruders and keep your vacant property safe and secure in your absence.

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