How Linda Works With Buyers

Linda Moore has been working in real estate in Encinitas, Carlsbad and San Diego County for over 20 years. In that time many of the buyers she has worked with have been so excited about what she brings to their purchase that they had to express their gratitude via a video testimonial. So what are these buyers saying about Linda Moore?




Home buyers in Encinitas who have worked with Linda have described her as “experienced”, “confident”, “knowledgeable”, “motivated, eager and consistent” among other positive attributes. Buyers of homes in Encinitas really get a sense that Linda knows the area in which she works and when these buyers have recommended Linda to their friends they have been happy with their referrals, as Linda has provided the same high-quality service for those friends as the original client.


Honest disclosure and education for buyers is paramount with Linda Moore and this trait allows buyers to understand the realities of the market as well as the honest reality of the home the buyer is looking to purchase. With Linda Moore there are no instances of, “Oh, we’ll paint that over” or “Oh, we will just fill that in,” as a home buyer, you are shown honestly and openly all of the assets and liabilities a potential home has to offer, which means that as a buyer you can trust Linda Moore to provide you with the real information you need to make your decision.


Most importantly Linda will get you any house you want as a buyer and has been proven time and again by many clients that she is the preferred agent to help with real estate in Encinitas. If you are looking to buy a home or other real estate in Encinitas, choose Linda Moore to get you the home you want.

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