Making Minimalism Easy

Have you ever wanted to try the minimalism look but felt too intimidated? Homepolish has an article on how to make minimalism as easy as possible. Even though the whole point of minimalism is the “less is more” philosophy, it doesn’t mean the interior design style is easy to do. Seeing photographs of minimalist rooms can sometimes make you want to shove everything off of the coffee table and paint the entire room white. Instead, get started with a few of these tips from the article:

No matter what, keep the color palette neutral. You don’t have to make everything white but as a general rule keep the neutral tones of grays, blacks, whites, or earth tones. Creating a balance of light and dark will cause your space to be less monotonous. Other general rules to stick to include straight lines, integrity of materials, lack of ornamentation, and geometry. Homepolish says the key is to keep it simple, comfortable, and sleek. You can keep your space from looking clinical by adding some elements from nature like wood, marble, or leather; perhaps even a well-placed potted plant. The biggest question that can enter the mind when viewing examples of minimalism is “where is all the stuff?!” Simply use some well-positioned closed storage to hide your things in plain sight!


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