Low Mortgage Rates in Encinitas

Home mortgage interest rates are currently hovering around 3.75% in Encinitas and that increases the buying power of any prospective home buyer. When interest rates are in the 6% area a typical buyer can usually afford to spend about $677,000 on a new home. Comparatively, when interest rates are at 4% or below that same average buyer can afford to spend about $850,000 on a home, an increase of close to $200,000! Increased buying power not only allows the buyer to purchase a home of higher value but also allows them to buy in a better neighborhood with access to better schools and employment as well.

With mortgage rates at low levels and the real estate market in Encinitas moderating it really is a great time to at least consider purchasing a home here. Take the time and contact Encinitas Realtor Linda Moore to look at homes available in Encinitas and see if there is one that appeals to your needs and desires. An Encinitas Realtor an guide you through the amazing homes for sale in the area, some even at reduced asking prices with sellers looking to make a sale quickly. It is the perfect time to make your dream of moving to Encinitas a reality.

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