6 Musts Before Listing Encinitas Home

As an Encinitas Realtor I find it imperative that those looking to sell their homes in Encinitas with me know in advance what needs to be done before we list their home. Here are a few basic tips on what you can do to prepare your Encinitas home before it is listed.

  • 1) Get Your Paperwork Organized – Providing your Encinitas realtor with a detailed list of all of the repairs, upgrades, and updates that have been performed on your house will help me to determine what information to put in the listing that will entice buyers and set your home apart from others.
  • 2) “Declutter” Early – If you start the process of organizing and “decluttering” your home prior to officially listing your home, then you won’t have to worry about the job being rushed. Go through your entire home and decide what items you plan to keep, throwaway, donate, or sell. This will make the next step easier as well.
  • 3) Clean Like You Have Never Cleaned Before – Let’s face it; would you be interested in purchasing a home that looks dirty? Probably not, so why would anyone else? Wash down your walls, put on a new coat of paint, deep-clean your carpets, even power-wash the exterior of your home and it will make a difference. You will inevitably have to do these things before you move so why not put your best foot forward now?
  • 4) Get Your Own Inspection – Have your house inspected for yourself so that you know if there are any problem areas that will need to be addressed instead of being caught off-guard by the results of the buyer’s inspection. This way we will know exactly what we are dealing with together. 
  • 5) Repairs and Estimates – Once you have received an inspection you can really impress a buyer by repairing what you can and having estimates from local companies on any outstanding issues already prepared for them. This will also help you and I with price negotiations based on work that needs to be done. 
  • 6) Don’t Forget Staging – Staging includes landscaping work, fresh paint, the arrangement of furniture, and such for the purpose of presenting your home in the best possible way. This preparation will make a world of difference when listing your home. 
Along the way I, as an experienced Encinitas Realtor, will provide resources to help you prepare your home for listing, whether that be with providing landscapers, carpet cleaners, inspectors, painters, or any other resources you need help. I know who the best providers of these services are in Encinitas and will share my wealth of knowledge with you. Contact me, Encinitas Realtor Linda Moore, with all of your Encinitas real estate needs today. 
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