Moving in Encinitas – What to Do with Your Cat

If you are moving in Encinitas, it is important to think about your family members who are unable to communicate or even know what about soon to happen – Your Pets!

Specifically, I am going to be focusing on cats with tips to help your beloved furry feline with the transition from one home to another. Tomorrow’s focus will be dogs.

Tips for Cats When Moving in Encinitas

Our feline friends are most comfortable with routine. If you are moving, this sort of disruption can cause major stress. Here are some tips on how to take precautions and prep your cat for the transition.

  • While Moving: Make sure you know where your cat is during the move. Maybe on moving day you can designate a room for your kitty to stay safely behind said room’s closed door. If you need access to all rooms, try putting your cat it its carrier.

  • Transporting: Your cat should be comfortable in its carrier. The inside of the carrier should have a comfortable blanket and/or towels. Maybe have your kitty’s favorite small toy in with them to help calm them, or even place a towel over the crate.

  • At the New Home: While unloading, make sure your cat is in a quiet area away from all of the commotion. Make sure that your cat is in a place that won’t allow it to stray too far. After the moving is done, your cat will be curious and perhaps a bit skittish. Let your car explore your home and it’s new surroundings. If your cat goes outside, make sure it doesn’t go outside unsupervised.

Make Sure Your New Home is Cat Proofed

Like prepping the home for a young child, make sure you look out for exposed cords or wires, windows without screens, or tight spaces where your kitty could get stuck. It also helps that your cat is surrounded with familiar items like toys, blankets, scratching posts, and the like so that there are familiar smells. Doing so will help your cat bond with its new home.

After a couple of weeks, your cat should be familiar with its new surroundings. When you feel comfortable that your cat knows where the home is, you can let it wander around outside. Unless of course, if your cat is strictly an inside cat. If you do let your cat outside, keep a bowl of food outside so your kitty has a familiar smell it can return to.

If you own more than one cat, the same rules apply. Nothing can put a damper on your move like losing a beloved pet, so make sure you take all the necessary precautions.

Tomorrow I’ll focus on dogs and how to help them with the transition of moving in Encinitas.

By Linda Moore


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