Moving with Pets in Encinitas – Dogs

The American dream: you find your dream home in Encinitas, everything has been done around the house and you are all set to move in. You and your spouse have the master bedroom, your children have already chosen their bedrooms, and your dog… has no idea what is going on.

Has your dog ever been to the new home in Encinitas? If not, then it could be a moving day disaster according to Tim Link, an animal communications professional.

“… I am consulted regularly regarding this exact scenario. It’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement and stress of relocating to a new residence. You’ve involved the entire family in the process, but you’ve never considered the impact the move and new home will have on your canine family member. From my experience, if we are excited and stressed, the dog is excited and stressed, too” wrote Tim Link.

How to Prevent the Worse from Happening

What oftentimes occurs is the first time you visit the home with your dog, it results in a not-so-happy time. Your dog needs to get used to its new surroundings and be situated around it’s homestead. There are new smells, new areas to investigate, and a whole new backyard to explore.

This can be very exciting for your dog, but it also can be very stressful since all of its surroundings are changing. Here are a few tips that can help:

1)     Include Your Dog Early in the Process

Before moving in, walk your dog on-leash through each room of the new home, making sure to spend dedicated time to allow your dog to get comfortable in the new surroundings.

2)     Designate Where Your Dog Should Sleep

Lay your dog’s favorite blanket/doggie bed in the room where he or she will be sleeping each night. Ask your dog to lay down in the area and give him a special treat.

3)     Designate Where Your Dog will Eat

Place a small bowl of food and water in that area

4)     Check for Unsafe Areas

Check the basement stairs, crawl spaces, and utility rooms. Make sure they can be blocked off and secured so your dog cannot gain access without your supervision.

5)     Let Your Dog Get Used to New Flooring

If your dog hasn’t been exposed to wooden or tiled floors, and these types of flooring just so happen to be in your new Encinitas home, they can be slippery to your dog until he gets used to them

Make sure your dog is aware of these areas and knows that it has to take it easy when running or playing on these types of surfaces. No one wants to have on moving day or any day in general an emergency trip to the veterinary hospital.

Explore the Yard with Your Dog

Walking your dog, again on-leash, around the perimeter of the yard and fence. It will be a fantastic time for your dog to smell the area, mark it, and become comfortable with surroundings.

This would also be a great time for you to check to make sure that the gates close and latch properly. Check the fence to see if there are any gaps where your dog could escape, and make sure you dog does not have access to any poisonous plants in the garden or yard. Here is a list of toxic and non-toxic plants from ASPCA.

Preparation with Your New Neighbors

Make sure you introduce yourself to your new Encinitas neighbors and ask if they have dogs. This would be a great time to get to know your neighbors and to have a leashed introduction of your dog to the neighbors and their dogs.

This will help prevent excess territorial barking and fence running or fighting. Ask to join your neighbors when they walk their dogs. Even if you have a large backyard, it is important to take your dog for frequent walks to ensure that that they are sufficiently stimulated both physically and mentally.

I always hope that you, your family, and your pets make a smooth transition to your new home in Encinitas. It is both an exciting and fun time to make new friends, and your pets be a part of that as well.

By Linda Moore

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