Save When You BIY for Home Improvement Projects for Houses in Encinitas

Those who are remodeling, tackling a fixer-upper, or planning on having some professional work done on their houses in Encinitas can save 20% on home improvements by shopping for bargains and limiting contractor markups on materials.

BIY – buy-it-yourself – is a great way to save yourself some money for those contractor/handyman projects you just don’t have the experience for in regards of the labor. What happens is instead of paying the markups on materials that a contractor or subcontractor applies when they have to buy the materials, you buy the materials for the home improvement project yourself.

According to John Riha from, “A BIYer can save up to 20% on home improvements by shopping for bargains and eliminating contractor markups on materials and finishes.”

The ABC’s of BIY in Encinitas

If you plan on being a Buy-it-yourselfer, research the materials, finishes, and appliances that the project requires. You should then shop for the best deals possible on said items either at the store or online and have them delivered to the work site.

Why You Save as a BIY:

  • You are avoiding the hourly charges contractors add for picking up and delivering home improvement project
  • You get to negotiate directly with the suppliers for the best price on materials
  • You may be able to find bargains a contractor may overlook

To better prepare yourself for the home improvement project, you should hone a few skills. One would be that you should have a thorough understanding of the entire scope of the project. Another would be to have a mentality of “shop-till-you-drop” because not only should you check out your local stores, but also shop different online sellers and compare all prices.

A big one is to stay on top of all the due dates and delivery schedules. If you don’t know when certain materials will be delivered, how will your contractor know when to start? It would be impossible for them to install cabinets in your kitchen if you don’t know when the cabinets will be

Communicate with Your Contractor!

Though it may seem as if just shopping for materials and purchasing said materials is main job of BIY, your main priority should be having good communication with your builder or subcontractor. You should tell them first off about wanting to BIY.

The contractor’s main concern is that the BIYer holds up their end of the deal by making sure that everything is delivered to the job site on time, that way the work is done on schedule.

What You Should Buy & What Not To

Here are some common things you should buy for certain home improvement projects for houses in Encinitas.

  • Kitchen: cabinets, hardware, counter-tops, flooring, appliances, sinks, faucets, light fixtures.
  • Bathroom: tubs and modular shower enclosures, wall tile, flooring, faucets, shower heads, tub fillers, vanities and cabinets, toilets and bidets, sinks, light fixtures, exhaust fans, counter-tops.
  • Around the House: Flooring, permanent light fixtures, siding, entry doors, interior doors, garage doors, exterior light fixtures, exterior light fixtures, paint, landscaping blocks and stones.

Then you should leave up to your contractor would be lumber, fasteners, sheathing, plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, concrete, HVAC components, and insulation. Remember communication is key, so if you don’t know what else you can buy you should ask the contractor.

More tips about BIY for home improvement projects for houses in Encinitas are soon to come!

By Linda Moore

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