5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Patio

Summer is finally here again! That means barbecues and pool parties all summer. But, have you updated your patio in awhile? Your patio may be the highlight of your parties, so it may be time to spruce it up for your guests! A few touches can really make the difference with your outdoor space. 

5 Ways to Change Up Your Patio this Summer 

Looking to change things up with your patio? Here are just a few ways you can make your space look fresh and stunning! Check them out:

  • Get Some New Patio Furniture: Looking to change up your space outside to entertain? The easiest way you can do that is by changing up the furniture! You don’t need to buy anything fancy- visit an outlet store for Crate and Barrel, or even visit your local Target to find some summer sales. A new table or new chairs can really improve the space for your guests and yourself!
  • Plant the Right Flowers: Is your patio feeling a bit dull? If you haven’t already, try planting some flowers to spruce up the space! Some rose bushes or even orchids can make the space more colorful and inviting for your guests this summer.
  • Add Some Art: If your patio is a bit bare, try adding some art! A few sculptures that fit your aesthetic can really change the space and make it your own. Plus, a lot of patio art is made to be pleasing to the eye- what you enjoy, your guests will likely enjoy as well! Add some pampas grass to a vase and place it at the center of your patio table if you enjoy the Bohemian aesthetic. Or, if you are going for a modern look, opt for a single abstract sculpture. 
  • Change the Brickwork: Does your patio have some brickwork? It may be time to change the design if you are feeling bored of your current space. You may not even need to replace an entire section, but some new colors could make the space fresh! If your patio is lacking brickwork, now may be the time to add something new. Try a new pattern or a new color this year!
  • Add a Gazebo: It’s no secret that everyone hates bugs in the summer. Mosquitoes can be ruthless! A lot of homeowners will add a gazebo to their patio to add a small amount of protection without sacrificing style. Choose a gazebo that fits your own personal style and matches the space! Your guests will thank you the next time they come over for a bbq night. 
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