Pottery Stores in Encinitas & Carlsbad

As an Encinitas realtor and Carlsbad realtor, I can tell you that the best Encinitas houses and Carlsbad houses are the best because they’re decorated as beautifully as the house itself. Too make a house in Encinitas or Carlsbad appear more lovely than it is, the decorations in and around the house must coincide with the theme of the house. A Western themed house would look awful silly decorated with marine decorations, and so on. For those homes in Encinitas and homes in Carlsbad that are Western themed, there are plenty of pottery stores that offer Western designs and shapes for your potted plants or just to stand on its own. For your outdoor gardens, you might need a fountain, and some palm trees for pool areas. If you’re looking to touch up your home, try visiting some of these Pottery specialists in Encinitas and Carlsbad and pick out some accessories and decorations inside and outside of your home.

Sunshine Gardens
(760) 436-3244

Sunshine Gardens in Encinitas has a new look with an old feel. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will match you up with the perfect pots for your existing plants, or will help you choose new plants to go along with your Encinitas house or Carlsbad house. Browse through their large nursery for plants to match new pottery, buy a giftcard to give your favorite gardener, or pick up some garden decorations like statues, fountains, or gnomes. Designing a garden or just adding some potted plants around the house is a lot easier when your helped by the green thumbs at Sunshine Gardens, so visit them in Encinitas or call for more details.

The Madd Potter
(760) 635-1641

You won’t find a more diverse and beautiful assortment of pottery, decorative furniture, or fountains in Encinitas, or the rest of San Diego than you’ll get at The Madd Potter. Located right here in Encinitas, The Madd Potter has a wide assortment of Western, Asian, Italian, modern, and many more themed pottery, fountains, and benches to match any house in Encinitas or house in Carlsbad. So whether you’re looking to decorate a specific room or your entire house in Encinitas, The Madd Potter has corresponding colors, shapes, designs, and themes to match all themes that you’ll plan your house around. Visit their showroom in Encinitas or call for a more detailed inventory of available pottery.

Carrillo Pottery
(760) 730-3430

People in Carlsbad can visit Carrillo Pottery to browse through their handmade Mexican pottery, chimneys, birdbaths, and more. With plenty of designs from Mexico, you’ll sure to decorate your Western themed house in Carlsbad with no problem. They also have ceramics and stoneware from China, Vietnam, and Italy to accomidate many themes for your room, garden, or yard that you’re designing. Their hands on staff will match the proper material for you based on indoor or outdoor use, and will coordinate the themes that you are planning on. They’re here to help you plan your room, house, or garden accordingly so call now.

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