Real Estate in Carlsbad

Whether you are looking for a home for your own, or a piece of property to invest in or use as a summer home, Linda Moore can help you find real estate in Carlsbad you have been dreaming about. Have a home or piece of property you are looking to sell? Linda Moore can help you with that too. As an experienced real estate agent in San Diego County since 1990 Linda knows where all of the best real estate is and what you will be looking at to purchase it for yourself.

Carlsbad is just one of the many cities in San Diego County and Temecula Valley that Linda buys and sells real estate for clients, but it is easily one of the top places to live in the area. Carlsbad has a population of around 107,000 people and has a diverse list of amenities to offer to the buyer. LegoLand is located in Carlsbad, as is Aviara Four Seasons Resort and Golf Course, and the famous La Costa Resort and Spa. There are many restaurants and shops to spend time at as well as the many attractions, resorts, spas, beaches and other natural wonders. And since San Diego is only 40 minutes South of Carlsbad, you can take lunch in San Diego at one of the many fine-dining establishments there or take the kids to the San Diego Zoo for a day or afternoon or take your loved one out for a night on the town in San Diego or Carlsbad. Whatever you are looking for in a city you will find it between Carlsbad and San Diego.

To view some of the property for sale in Carlsbad and many other cities in the San Diego area just visit Linda’s Property Search page and see for yourself the beautiful homes that could be yours of you choose Linda Moore as your real estate agent.

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