Why People Love Living on the Water

Encinitas is a wonderful and beautiful community. We have art, culture, world-class dining, and of course, amazing beaches.

Owning a beachfront home is a dream for many people that they are able to realize in Encinitas. Still, there are some individuals who wonder why people would want to live on the water.

Living right on the water is a unique experience that holds many wonderful opportunities. Here are just a few that my clients have expressed.

There’s Always Something to Do

Whether it’s swimming, canoeing, or just lounging by the water, living on beachfront property is full of fun and relaxing activities. Sure you could spend half the day packing, driving through traffic, and battle the crowds at the beach, but having a home on the water means you’re always just moments away from fun in the sun.

Water is Relaxing

Water is one of the most relaxing and soothing elements. Type “relaxing sounds” into Google, and the majority of the top results will return a variety of peaceful water sounds. But a YouTube video of the ocean is definitely no match for the real thing!

My clients have told me that the most restful, peaceful sleep they’ve ever had was when they were able to drift off to dreamland to the gentle sounds from the water on their beachfront property.

There is just nothing as relaxing as staring off into the horizon at sunset as the waves break against the shore. Now imagine doing that from your porch, and it’s easy to see the appeal of living on the water.

Your Home will be the Go-To Location

People who live on the water are never lonely. Waterfront homes make the perfect location to host gatherings for friends and family. Whether you love barbeques, picnics, or just spending the day with loved ones, your home will be the place to be.

As the #1 realtor in Encinitas, I’ve helped many clients fulfil their dream of living on the water. It’s a luxurious and wonderful experience that will create countless memories for you and your family.

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