Repair Requests for a Homebuyer in Vista

Are you selling your home? Have you gotten an offer? It’s understandable to be concerned about potential home buyers that could possibly interfere with your profit on your home for sale in Vista.
Under most situations, the repair request could be negotiated but that really is determined by the contract that your buyer proposes. Go through the implications of your contract with your listing agent to gain an understanding.
Home Sale Contract Options
According to an article in, there is a variation by location in standard real estate contract, however all of them you could negotiate.
When you’re selling your home in Vista, when it has to do with repairs – refrain from signing any contract until the obligations are fully understood. Buying the home ‘as is’ or an information only home inspection, is the best contract for a seller in Vista because the repairs will be absolved from you.
Depending upon home inspection, there will be a clause in your contract that indicates that the purchase is contingent. Some contracts will explicitly state that the buyer in Vista can’t request any cosmetic repairs, and can only make it known that defects to the structure, building code violations or safety issues will be addressed.
Depending on what the state law is it could effect your liability and your Realtor will let you know what you have to do with the contract.
Market Conditions
When the market is limited on the amount of homes for sale in Vista, and the competition is up, the seller usually asks the potential buyers to waive the right to make repairs. Sellers may find more aggressive behavior in asking for work to be done with the home.
Repair Negotiations
Pending on how your contract has been written, effects your negotiation.  Cosmetic repairs, in most cases don’t have to be agreed on. You’re better making repairs rather than making buyers walk away from the transaction, especially if a home inspection finds other problems.
A free copy of the report to sellers in Vista well be sent from the home inspector depending on the parameters of the contract. You’ll need to reveal the defects to the next potential buyers in Vista if you receive the report and it displays the defects in your home.
Before getting into making deals for the requested repairs with the agent of the buyers, go over the home inspection report with your Realtor in Vista. When finding out how much repairs will cost – you may be able to get bids from many different contractors.
There are also some buyers that will take care of the repairs themselves and will opt to request a credit at closing to pay instead of having the sellers fix it before the move-in date. Another option to offer for a home warranty that will cover issues that need to be replaced in the future like home systems and appliance. That said, the warranty only covers features that are working. If an appliance is broken – like a water heater, you may have to repair before the transaction is completed.
Whatever repair request that needs to be addressed – let your Vista Realtor assist you with the issue at hand.

By Linda Moore

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