Turn-Offs for Potential Homebuyers

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With summer just around the corner, the time of the year when most people buy and sell their homes is fast approaching. If you’re considering selling your house in Encinitas, there are a few things you should consider before putting it on the market.

When selling your house in Encinitas, you want to make it as appealing to potential buyers as possible. Chances are that if you’ve spent several years in the home you’re selling, you’ve added some personal touches and made it your own. Now that you are planning to sell, it’s important to take an objective look at any changes or additions you’ve made to the house.

Zillow recently posted an article detailing things that may turn-off potential homebuyers. I have included some of the most noteworthy offenders for my readers to consider before selling their Encinitas home.

1. A Bedroom or Garage Turned into Something Else

Turning an extra bedroom or garage into something less conventional may be a great way to use the unused space in your home, but for homebuyers looking to use the areas in more conventional ways, it can be a major deal breaker. A bedroom or garage that has undergone major renovations to change its use could be seen as more work to fix than it’s worth to the buyer.

2. Carpet over Hardwood Floors

Original hardwood floors have become a major selling point to many homebuyers, and nothing will make them move on to the next listing faster than covering them up with carpeting. If your home has hardwood floors, show them off! If the buyer decides they want carpeting, it’s easier for them to have carpets installed than it is to have it removed.

3. Pools

Above ground pools may seem like a good idea, but to many potential homebuyers they are an eyesore. They can leave a large patch of dead grass on the lawn, and often take up valuable space that buyers will want to put to use. In-ground pools are something of a double-edged sword: They are great to have in climates like Encinitas and complement backyard gatherings nicely, but buyers may see them as costly and difficult to maintain.

4. Outdated appliances

If the major appliances in your home look like something you’d see on an episode of Mad Men, you may want to consider investing in some more contemporary replacements. Replacing your old stove and refrigerator with modern stainless steel or neutral finishes could help to turn a “maybe” into a sale.

5. Cigarette Smell in the House

This one may be a bit harder to fix, but it’s definitely a major turn-off to potential buyers. Cigarette smoke clings to everything it touches, and can discolor and taint your home. Long-term smokers will want to do some major damage control, including painting, replacing carpeting, and deep cleaning, before showing the house to potential buyers.

By Linda Moore

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