Prevent Identity Theft in Encinitas

Did you know that identity theft affected over 10 million people in America last year alone? With all the social media websites, multiple email accounts, and online bank websites, identity theft is a very real threat that can damage your life in ways you can’t imagine. If you know someone here in Encinitas or in Carlsbad who was a victim of identity theft, then you’ve heard the stories of changing bank information, changing passwords, and dealing with the constant fear that someone has your information handy to destroy your credit. Don’t worry though, because there are several companies in the Encinitas area that will help you prevent identity theft before it happens.

Identity Guard
(866) 442-9022

The award winning identity theft prevention company provides total protection for you. You’ll get free public record reports, 3 credit reports and 3 credit scores to make sure you get the best and most accurate credit score information that’s available. Identity Guard also provides Zone Alarm internet security that includes email alerts and much more. Call now and ask how you can save 15% for signing up now, and don’t forget to inquire about how you can apply for $1 million identity theft reimbursement insurance when you sign up.

(866) 319-3027

TrustedID offers the most comprehensive and proactive protection available. Not only are you protected from identity theft through fraud flag placement when there’s suspicious activity on your credit report, Internet monitoring, and lost wallet protection, but you’ll also get anti-spyware protection on your computer, junk mail reduction, and family protection for you and your loved ones. Backed by a million dollar warranty, you can be sure to get financial security, comprehensive safeguards, protection for your family, and optional credit lock (to prevent credit bureaus from releasing your credit report). Call now and get in touch with TrustedID to see how you and your family can be completely protected by America’s identity theft protection company.

(866) 762-3416

IDWatchdog has a state of the art database monitoring system that detects any threat of identity theft. They’ll scan you credit records, records from the Department of Motor Vehicles, Social Security databases, National Security watch lists, phone companies, utility companies, insurance companies, and more! IDWatchdog is 100% sure, and they back it with a guarantee, that they’ll detect any sign of suspicious activity to your credit report. Call them now both to find out if you’ve been a victim of identity theft, and ask about their 30 day free trial if you enroll now!

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