Scary House Sounds (And How to fix Them)

It’s Halloween, the day when everyone enjoys a good scare. As you shut off the lights and climb into bed, you may be more aware of the strange and ominous sounds your house makes. While it could just be your imagination, it may be something far more ominous.

Before you call for an exorcist or start looking under the bed for an axe-wielding escaped mental patient, consider these common scary house sounds, and see if fixing them can help you get a good night’s sleep.

A Clanking Heater

Is there someone slowly knocking on the wall, or is the heater on the fritz? When the heater goes unused for several months, it’s not uncommon to hear some strange sounds as it returns to life. However, once the system the strange sounds should stop. If your heater is continuously knocking, you should call for a repairman to check it out.

Scratching from Inside the walls

Hearing scratching from inside the walls can be unnerving. But the truth could be scarier than anything from a Wes Craven movie: vermin.

Hearing sounds coming from the walls is a telltale sign that you may be housing some very unwelcome guests. Vermin can do more than just creep you out, as they can carry diseases and present risks for your family and pets. They can also cause structural damage to the home, and chew through insulation and wiring.

If you notice droppings, or hear them skittering around your walls, taking action immediately is important. You can be mindful of leaving food around, and lay down traps to attempt to exorcise the vermin from your home. If they’re persistent (or especially large) hiring an exterminator is highly advised.

Running Water

The sound of running water when no one is using anything should send shivers down your spine. Especially when you see your next water bill!

Hearing a constant stream of running water can be indicative of many things. You could have a broken pipe somewhere that can cause serious damage to home. Turn off the water main to see if the sound stops. If it does, you can safely assume you have a leak.  Calling a plumber immediately could save you hundreds in repair costs down the road.

Strange Hissing

Don’t chalk up a strange hissing sound to the ghost of your departed cat, it could be a serious gas leak. If your home has gas, a hissing sound could indicate corrosion of the gas line. This is usually accompanied by an obvious odor. If you believe you have a gas leak, act immediately. Evacuate everyone from the home, and call the gas company to come inspect your setup.

If you hear any of these spooky sounds in your home, don’t hide under your covers in fear. Taking action to fix potential problems quickly can save you a great deal of time and money.

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