Buyers of Homes for Sale Adopting Extreme Strategies

With inventory on homes for sale in Encinitas and around the United States, some homebuyers are resorting to extreme strategies.

Across the United States inventory on homes for sale has gotten tight, resulting in some cases in frenzied buying behavior reminiscent of the housing market of 2005. This has not only seen sales prices increase, but also in some markets it has resulted in some extreme strategies.

When reviewing real estate statistics from website Trulia, the market in Boston is similar to that of Encinitas, and the Boston real estate market has seen some interesting strategies for homebuyers being exhibited.

According to an article from the Boston Globe, buyers in the real estate market are not only showing up to open houses in droves, making offers of all-cash, and bidding well above the asking price, they are also Googling owners and sending them their pitch for why they are the best candidate for the home for sale. Some individuals are also resorting to risky decisions such as waiving home inspections and mortgage contingencies.

While it is quite ill-advised, no matter how badly someone may want a home, to waive contingencies and inspections, are sending letters and pitches really helping any of these buyers?

While some sellers may get a bit of a chuckle out of some of these letters, typically they find unwanted communications of this nature invasive and irritating, equating to no more than junk mail.

So how does a buyer get the attention of a seller? By working with a trusted real estate agent! By employing a realty professional you, as a buyer, can ensure that you are getting the best evaluation of what you need to do to get the home you want while being protected from getting swept up in frenzied behavior.

Don’t get swept up in extreme strategies to get a home for sale in Encinitas; just consult with an Encinitas real estate agent with the experience you need to get the house you want.

By Linda Moore



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