Scary Soundtracks for Halloween Weekend

Now that you’ve gotten your scares out on the screen, its time to move the fright from the eyes to the ears.  With these scary sounds from artists, movies, and ancient tales you can scare your neighbors, trick-r-treaters, or just create the eerie atmosphere in your Encinitas home.

  • Michael Jackson’s Thriller is one of my top favorite, especially when the video can be viewed at the same time.  The amount of time put into those costumes and the choreograpy of the music video added some scare to script.
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show was always a hit for a different kind of scare, but in regards to a soundtrack, can be played for hours with reminiscing the time of the ’70s
  • Other themes from classic horror films and shows include: Jaws, Halloween(Michael Myers), The Munsters, The Addams Family, and Ghostbusters.
  • Finally, one song that has been played non-stop for one day per year, the never forgotten Monster Mash! Here is a wonderful clip to get in the mood for fun scaring:


Enjoy your Halloween in your home in Encinitas not only by sight but my ear as well.  Take all your senses on the fright ride for the year with haunted houses, scary films, and frightful sounds.  Stay tuned for some last minute Halloween updates.

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