Properties too Scary to Sell

haunted house for sale

Kimball Castle
Gilford, N.H.

Situated on 20 acres of land overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee, this historic residence was built by railroad magnate Benjamin Ames Kimball between 1897 and 1899.

Many strange sights and sounds have been reported by owners and caretakers of Kimball Castle throughout the years. A white, glowing figure of a woman has been spotted in the castle windows and on the grounds, and lights have been seen in the castle after dark — despite the building’s lack of electricity.

An ambitious buyer can pick up this property for $995,000.  You won’t find any houses like that though in Encinitas, California.  Linda Moore is Coldwell Banker’s Real Estate Agent for homes in Encinitas.  The only ghost that will be following you out there will be ones that will join you in paradise.

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