Back to School Time is Here

Sadly, for most, summer is coming to an end. It is that time again for back to school and that time can mean chaos for your home. Usually that means there will be stacks of paper piling up higher and higher as classes start. Here are some ideas I found on Organized Home to make the transition back to school life a whole lot easier:

Kids might be used to staying up a lot later because of the late rising summer schedule but now school is starting that won’t work for long anymore. Instead of changing their bedtime all at once, change it incrementally so that the new bedtime will be an easier transition.

You should create a calendar central in your home. A space specifically designed to keep track of all the school functions, lunch menus, parent-teacher meetings, music lessons, and soccer practices. You can have one big calendar that you can write everything in so it’s all in one place instead of scattered around your house.

Make more thorough plans for your mornings. Mornings during back to school can be some of the most hectic but if you plan ahead of time and even try to do certain prep the night before those chaotic mornings can become so much easier. Try using the launch pad concept where each family member has a dedicated space to put their stuff for the next day. With this method you are bound to have a lot less forgotten books, assignments, lunch money, or permission slips.


Check out the article below for even more tips and some great printable schedules and checklists:

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