How to Stage Bathrooms and Kitchen in Encinitas

When you have a home for sale in Encinitas it is important to remember to stage all rooms of the house, including the bathrooms and kitchens. Here are a few tips on how to stage your bathrooms and kitchen on a home for sale in Encinitas.

While the curb appeal of your for-sale home will initially entice buyers, its the interior that will really help to sell your house. Proper staging is crucial to presenting the potential of each room of the home.

Proper Cleaning

Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen are the first step in presenting the best face of these areas. Bathrooms and kitchens are used on a daily basis by all members of the household and, though it may be a time-consuming task, cleanliness in these areas is essential. Start by thoroughly cleansing each area using kitchen and tile cleaners to cook-top cleaners. Make sure you get all of the details such as toothpaste spots on the mirror or hair underneath cabinets. Cleaning after each use will help limit having to complete another deep cleaning later.

Fresh Smells

Those who are knew to your home will notice smells almost instantly and this can either be used to your advantage or disadvantage. Some tricks to this can be installing a plug-in air freshener that releases a light, but pleasant, smell regularly. Avoid heavy scents and instead go for light ones such as “clean air” or “fresh laundry.”

While you are attempting to sell your house avoid heavy aromas in the kitchen like garlic, bacon, or heavy fried foods. Some buyers like walking into a home where they smell freshly baked bread or cookies, but even this can put some buyers off.

Removing Clutter

Make sure that both the bathrooms and kitchen are well organized and that you have removed all clutter. Remember that in both of these rooms, buyers are looking for counter space and therefore even the decorative items should be cleared. Buyers are also looking for cabinet space, so make sure that your cabinets are well organized and free from clutter.

For more information on properly staging these rooms you can visit this article from or allow your real estate agent in Encinitas to guide you through this process.

By Linda Moore


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