Sleep Better: Decorating Your Bedroom

Grey and White Floral Bed ComforterIf you had rough nights of sleep this weekend, maybe it’s time to check the room your sleeping in. The colors in our bedrooms, how we have them decorated, and the items we choose to store in there have an effect on how we sleep. Colors can influence our brain activity as we fall asleep, and too much noise or light can stir us in the night. Here are some crafty and inexpensive ways to adjust the vibes in your bedroom.

Dreamy Hues

Popular bedroom hues like purple and brown are more likely to stimulate the brain and decrease your sleep by two hours. Calming colors like blue and green can actually lower your blood pressure and improve your sleep.

No Clutter

Decluttering makes your place look better and helps you sleep as well. A cluttered room can mean a cluttered mind. The melon rule: only decorate with items larger than a melon.

Technology Free

TV can interrupt your sleeping and keep your mind active as you try to fall asleep. Keep your TV for the living room and decorate your room with a piece of artwork or decorative mirror.

Make it Cozy

Having cotton sheets, plush comforters, woven blankets, and layers of fluffy pillows can make your room feel cozy, comfortable, and welcoming.

Layered Window

By putting multiple layers on your window treatments, you can reduce noise, light, and help control the temperature of your room. Put a wooden shade beneath your decorative curtains.


Try to remove any bright, overhead lighting and exchange it for softer, low-light lamps with decorative shades. Try candles or wax melts with calming scents.


Adding a plant can improve your quality of sleep by the quality of air. Having air purifier plants helps emit the oxygen at night. Try plants like spider plants, aloe vera, and snake plants.

Big Rugs

Even with carpeted bedrooms, a rug can add more sleep-inducing color and extra warmth to soothe you to sleep. Choose larger rugs that extend over a foot from the sides and front of the bed.

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