Stabilizing Encinitas Housing Market

Encinitas has done much better than many of the cities in the United States in terms of the housing market. As an Encinitas Realtor I can tell you that there are always people looking to buy and sell a home in the area, and that pattern has continued even through the housing crisis. We have not been immune to the effects of the housing slump by any means but with all that Encinitas has to offer it is no wonder that people keep buying and selling.

Just recently, news that Fannie Mae posted a profit for the first time since the federal government took control of it in 2008, shows that the housing market is indeed stabilizing. Fannie Mae announced that it made a profit for the first quarter of 2012 and that it did not require any bailout money from the federal government. This profit is mainly attributed to the slow down in the decline of home prices as well as the number of homes entering serious delinquency.

Many market forecasters are encouraging those interested in buying a home to take advantage of home prices and record-low mortgage rates and to purchase a home. Rental prices continue to skyrocket and now may be the best time to invest in a home in Encinitas. Contact a skilled Encinitas Realtor to help you find the home of your dreams at a great price today.

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