Stay at Home for Cyber Monday Sales

Well the reports are in and it looks like Americans opened up their purses, wallets and checkbooks already this holiday season. After all the deals around malls for Black Friday, consumer spending is up after the biggest shopping day of the year. I hope everyone who went out to the malls in Encinitas and San Diego to hunt for sales on Black Friday got what they hoped for at some great prices. However today is my personal favorite shopping day, Cyber Monday where there are tons of online deals on the Internet today for everyone to start shopping online for the holiday season.

I found this article on Yahoo Finance that’s got some of the hottest sales for Cyber Monday and some of these sales are too good to beat. Here’s a link to the article from Yahoo Finance where you’ll see some amazing price drops from all sorts of different online retailers. Whether you’re looking for computers, TVs, jewelry, clothes or toys for this holiday season, you can find some great deals online today.

Black Friday involves waking before sunrise, waiting in line for hours, and fighting stampeding crowds as you race around a store hoping they still have what you are looking for. Yet Cyber Monday lets you shop with a cup of coffee from the comfort of your Encinitas house and not in the cold in the middle of a holiday rush. You can compare prices without leaving the store, search different styles and colors without waiting for a salesperson, and you can even put things back on the shelf without losing your spot in line.

I love Cyber Monday and hope to do all of my holiday shopping this year today. I am going to do some price shopping myself thanks to this list of deals from Yahoo Finance, and let me know what kind of sales for Cyber Monday you find while shopping in comfort from your Encinitas home.

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