Summer Cash Giveaway: $20,000!!!!!!


Can you imagine what you might be able to do with 20,000 dollars? There are almost too many possibilities of what you could do with that amount of money that it could cause a real decision-making dilemma. Coldwell Banker is conducting a special Summer Cash Giveaway courtesy of yours truly so if you decide to enter this might be a dilemma you have to face very shortly!

You might have to deal with the difficult decision on whether to buy a fancy new car, remodel your home, or finally take that dream vacation you’ve been wanting to take for years. It’ll be really rough, I know! For the more practical types, you can invest it in order to let it gain substantial amounts of interest or add all of it to a college or retirement fund. Either way this much money could really turn your whole year around.

I am so excited to use this wonderful giveaway as a means of saying thank you to each and every one of you. All you have to do is fill out the online submission form by the entry deadline of the 16th of September. The drawing to find out who the lucky winner is will be on the 30th of September. Hurry up and submit because who knows, it could be your money to spend on whatever your imagination might conjure up.

To enter simply click on this link and fill out the entry form:

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