The Best Ways to Pet Proof Your Home During a Showing


Pets can be a wonderful edition to the family. When you are showing your home during the selling process, it can be tough to have pets! Unfortunately, pets can make the home a little bit dirtier during the showing process. Here are some tips to help pet-proof your home during the selling process: 

Get Organized

If you have not done so already, keep all of the pet stuff in a designated area! This can include pet toys, litter boxes, or even cages tucked away in a small closet or space that is out of the way. 

Clean Frequently, or Hire Someone to Do it For You

A clean home is the most important part of a showing! The cleaner your home is, the more a buyer can imagine themselves living in the space. If you do have pets that shed or have hair, it is important to routinely clean the floors and furniture. This should be done every day, or every other day as necessary. If it’s too much work to manage yourself, hire a cleaning service!

Cover Your Furniture

Furniture covers can be your best friend during the showing process! If it is too much of a hassle to clean your furniture and linens routinely, invest in some furniture covers that can be used when the showings are done for the day.

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