How to Choose the Right Home Inspector

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Are you in the midst of searching for your dream home? If so, you likely have a preapproval letter in hand and an offer in the other. So what’s next? Before you close on a home, it is recommended that you hire a home inspector to make sure the home is safe and has no issues.

Why Hire a Home Inspector in This Real Estate Market?

In this real estate market, some buyers and investors are foregoing a home inspection to close a sale. But if you are shopping for a home, you should have the opportunity to get a true assessment of the value and safety of all aspects of a home. This is where a home inspector can come in!
A home inspector will search for any and all mechanical and hazardous concerns with the home. They will also look for structural damage (if any) and water/electrical issues. This includes a cracked foundation or broken water heater. A home inspection is often necessary to protect yourself and your finances before you purchase a home.

How Do I Choose the Right Inspector in this Real Estate Market?

While it may seem difficult to find a trustworthy inspector in this real estate market, it is not! Your Realtor will likely have many referrals to offer. You can do it yourself or have a trusted friend do it, but keep in mind, if they are not certified their opinion will not hold weight in the sale or offer. Trust a professional! Look for these attributes when you are searching for a home inspector:

  • They Have Experience
  • Their Reports are Detailed 
  • They Know the Area and Code Well
  • Their Reviews on the BBB (if Any) are Great
Your new home is important to you, and you need to choose a professional that fits your needs and budget. When you are looking to choose a home inspector, check the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Your inspector may have reviews there to check out! Look at a few candidates before selecting one. Ask them about their experience in the area and if they are certified by a professional organization. That can be your best way to choose one! Or, ask your Realtor who they suggest. 
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