Why Open Houses Benefit Buyers

It gives you time to set the stage

You’ll have more than enough time to prepare your home to be presented exactly how you want it—no last-minute showings when you’ve just gotten out of the shower, or before you’ve had time to wash the dishes.

Open houses are great because they allow you to show off your beautiful home on your terms. Don’t forget to freshen up the place with flowers, opening the curtains, and sweeping the sidewalk—maybe even have cookies baking in the oven! At the very least, have water and coffee available.


Your home is now in the spotlight

Simply put, the more people that see your home, the faster it will end up selling. This is the perfect chance for family members and neighbors to bring their friends around who are looking to buy, not to mention potential buyers who contemplated asking for a showing but haven’t gotten around to it for one reason or another.

Many buyers search for homes by driving around the neighborhood they want to live in, and your open house may very well be a reason for them to make an extra stop. Sundays are the best days to host an open house, as it provides visibility in both the real estate section of the local newspaper, and online listings. Make sure your real estate agent brings an Open House sign or two in advance!


Lock in potential buyers

Even if your most interested buyer has already received a private showing of your home, let them know if you’re planning on having an open house. This gives them the opportunity for another walk-through in a much more casual setting, or to bring friends or family with to gauge their opinions. They won’t feel rushed, and it’s always a good sign if they want yet another look.

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