The Smartest Home Renovations

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Learn About the Smartest House Renovations!

A home renovation project can bring plenty of benefits. Not only could it be good to change your house’s look, but choosing the right home projects could increase your home’s value if you opt to sell it! Even if you don’t see the value right now, any good home renovation could increase your home’s worth in the future. But which renovations would help you boost your house’s value? 

Take a look at some of the smartest home renovations you can make that can be a good investment for your house’s worth. Be aware that home renovations can be costly, so consider improvement projects that help increase your appreciation for the property. The chance to add value to your house should be a perk out of your renovation. 

  1. Renovate Your Kitchen

A kitchen upgrade can be one of the smartest renovations you can make to your house. If you’re planning to sell your home, a great kitchen renovation could help you attract potential homebuyers. However, you should avoid making too many personal decisions when renovating your kitchen; you should find a design that can cater to everyone’s tastes and is sellable. 

Keep in mind that you don’t have to make colossal renovations to your home. In fact, minor kitchen renovations usually offer a great investment in return. For example, if you add a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen, you could enjoy your house and possibly add value to your home. 

  1. Make Some Changes to Your Bathroom

Bathroom renovations could provide suitable return investments and add value to your house. But, similarly to kitchen renovations, you don’t have to make a massive upgrade; small renovation ideas, like new fixtures or tiles, could add a hefty percentage of return investment. Not only that, but minor renovation ideas could help you save plenty of money!

Consider consulting a bathroom remodeling contractor to see what renovations could add to your home’s value. They could give you some good upgrade ideas that may be inexpensive.

  1. Build a Deck in Your Backyard

A deck can add some variety to your home space. You can use a deck to grill food for your friends and family or to simply sit back and relax after a long day at work. But did you know that a deck could yield a high investment return? One reason is that it increases the living area but costs less to build per square foot. So if you’re considering building a deck in your house, you may benefit greatly from it. 

Before you build the deck, you should consider using lumber materials, like Eastern white cedar, to maintain it for a long time. Make sure you have a proper foundation to build your deck on and avoid cutting into its sidings. If it’s too complicated to make your deck, you can hire professional workers to build it for you.

  1. Replace Your Windows with New Ones

Putting new windows on your house can have a high return rate; however, you can even receive a higher rate if those windows are energy efficient. If you replace your windows with vinyl, you could receive a 72% return on your investment! You could always use wood, but the return percentage will be lower at 69%.

The return on new windows could actually be higher than other home renovations. But, if you want the full value of your new windows, you would need to spend some money on the renovation. In addition, the return of new windows falls short compared to renovations like a new garage door or a minor kitchen remodel. 

Talk to a Realtor About the Smartest Home Renovations

If you have questions about what renovations can increase your enjoyment of the house and add value to it, you can ask a Realtor for advice. They could give you tips on what renovations to spend money on and what can give you a high return on investment. Contact Realtor Linda Moore for this and any other home-related questions.

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