4 Tips to Right-Size Your Home in Encinitas

The common assumption among home owners in Encinitas is that as you grow older, your should downsize. However, according to Gale Steves, author of “Right-Sizing Your Home” downsizing is the exact opposite of what should take place, which is Right-Sizing.

What is Right-Sizing? It’s all about the concept of working with what you have by making better use of existing space, resulting in people living more full in their home in Encinitas.

Here Are 4 Tips to Right-Size Your Home in Encinitas

#1 Analyze Existing Space in Your Home

The first step is to of course assess your home in Encinitas and identify your priorities. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you using all of the rooms in your house?
  • Do you just use some rooms on special occasions or for storage only?
  • Do you use any rooms just a walk-through to other parts of your home?
  • Do routine activities seem too inconvenient your home’s current layout?
  • How often do you have overnight guests?

What you should do is go through your entire home and think about what you need, not what someone else told you the room is designated for, suggests Gale Steves.

#2 Explore Your Options

Take note of other floor plans from other people’s homes. Check out features of different layouts, design magazine, or other visual inspiration websites to see if they can spark ideas to more your home more functional.

Try to re-educate yourself on how the different rooms in your home can function. If there is a spare room you don’t really use, you can transform it into an art studio for scrap-booking or other art projects.

#3 Consider Future Uses

Not only ask yourself how you will need to live in your home now, but also in the future. If you plan on babysitting grandchildren after you retire, perhaps you need to convert one of your unused rooms into a playroom.

The goal is to figure out complimenting solutions to your future needs. Your health and income are things to consider for the future, so make sure you plan ahead for what may come.

#4 Design for Functionality & Efficiency

The overall goal of a home with right-size solutions is to accommodate it’s inhabitants. You may find to moving to a new home in Encinitas that is a one-level home is the best option if your current home has 3 flights of stairs and you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

In the end, right-sizing your home in Encinitas is about the quality of space that meets your family’s needs.

By Linda Moore

Source: http://www.realtor.com/advice/4-right-size-solutions-fit-changing-lifestyle/

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