Tips For an Effective Open House

Open house day can be pretty stressful at times; having a strategy can be the perfect relief for anxiety. I read a great article on Bank Rate with 8 tips for having a successful open house that brings in serious interest and more traffic of potential buyers. I found the article to be extremely helpful for the open house nerves that most sellers tend to have. Try out some of these tips to improve your open house strategy:

  • Tip #1: “Take Advantage of Technology”

Nowadays there is an app for anything and everything. Naturally, there are apps that have open houses within a certain radius that potential buyers can use to search for places they might want to visit on any given Saturday or Sunday. Try to get your open house listed on one of those apps. Also, never forget the importance of advertising online.

  • Tip #2: “Save Paper, Save Money”

The prevalence of technology is ever-increasing so potential buyers are much more interested in reading about your house online rather than getting information from those hefty and expensive brochures of the past.

  • Tip #3: “Use Low Tech, Too”

Go ahead and add those ‘open house’ signs to your ‘for sale’ signs. Put them up one week before the open house and get them pre-printed to say ‘open house Saturday’ or ‘open house Sunday’. This will make sure that your open house is in the potential buyer’s planner.

  • Tip #4: “Enlist the Neighbors”

Your neighbors might be able to help bring in some potential buyers. They might have friends they want to move into their neighborhood so they could bring in some traffic to your open house. Send them an invite or a flier to tell them about it.

  • Tip #5: “Create a Neutral Environment”

Take down anything controversial, such as posters or pictures of a political figure, and consider taking down any personal decor, such as family pictures or children’s drawings, so that the potential buyer can see themselves living there rather than just picturing you.


Check out the last three tips in the original article here:

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