What Would You Do with 20,000 Dollars?

If you had an extra 20,000 dollars’ cash in your pocket, what would you do with it? There are too many possibilities. I am unsure how I could possibly decide if I had the money in my hand. I think I would start out with a spa weekend, relax a bit away from my busy schedule. Even after the fanciest spa weekend there would still be so much leftover! Why am I so worried about making this decision? It will probably be one of YOU who has the burden of this decision.

Would you take a vacation? Would you get a new car? Would you buy that flat screen you’ve been wanting? Would you remodel your kitchen? Would you treat yourself to a brand new wardrobe? Would you start investing in your dreams and passions? The possibilities are endless. Have you entered the giveaway contest yet? Do it today and who knows? Next month you could not be able to close your wallet.

Here’s the link to enter:


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