Sell Your Home in Encinitas Faster with Professional Photos

I have helped many people sell their home in Encinitas quicker than they expected and it’s because they listened to my advice about having professional photos taken of the exterior and interior of the property.

There are so many beautiful homes for sale in Encinitas, but if you are trying to sell your home and you don’t have proper photographs, the listing is typically going to sit longer. I’ve talked about how sellers can Stage their Home in Encinitas to help it sell faster, and now I’m going to focus why professional photography may help you sell your home in Encinitas thanks to the help from ©

The Basics:

The three most common problems most sellers have with taking photos of their home is:

  1. Color Accuracy
  2. Hexagonal Lines
  3. Balanced Exposures

The goal is to take real estate photos that look like a person’s perspective. Having the potential buyers envision themselves in the home you are trying to sell in Encinitas.

The professionals at Preview First say that accurately portraying the color of the home is very important. Also, the human eye does not see in hexagonal lines, so real estate photos shouldn’t either. It also really helps to have a balance to the flash of the camera with natural light and shadows to create an image that looks natural.

Side By Side Comparison

Let’s evaluate the 3 common problems in this perfect example.

The first thing you probably notice is the difference in color and how the left photo is has a grainy look. This happens when proper lighting isn’t used and you try to use a photo enhancement tool to make the darks brighter.

Secondly, do you notice how awkward the diagonal lines are on each side of the image? This is because the camera’s lens is not level with the floor. It helps if you have a tripod to level your camera so that way it looks just as if you are viewing the room with your own eyes.

Third is the “flash mark” on the ceiling on the left photo. If you don’t have a balanced flash on your camera that works with natural light and shadows, you won’t be able to create a natural image of how the room really looks to the human eye.

My advice is to get a professional to take photographs of your home in Encinitas, and if you need help finding the right one, you can always ask your favorite real estate agent for help. 😉

By Linda Moore

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