Tips for Updating your Encinitas Home Before an Open House

If you’re looking to sell your home in Encinitas, you want the house to be as attractive as possible to potential buyers. There are a few things I recommend doing to ensure that your home is ready for an open house.

Have your Home Inspected

A home inspection is recommended before an open house, especially if it’s been several years since one has been performed. A thorough home inspection will alert you to any problems with the house that may need to be repaired before selling, such as mold growth, foundation damage, and structural damage. Not only that, but a positive inspection report can be extremely appealing to potential buyers.

Put Yourself in the Buyer’s Shoes

Take a good look at your home, particularly the exterior, and imagine you are the buyer. How does your home look from the street? Are there any cosmetic or structural blemishes that would turn you off if you were buying it today? You may have been able to ignore some peeling paint or worn siding, but will the buyer?

Giving your home an honest an objective evaluation will help you to fix things that may turn-off potential buyers. Make sure your lawn is mowed and any foliage is neatly trimmed. You could even look into power washing the exterior of the house to make it look like new. Think about what you as a homeowner would want from a new home, and go from there.

Hard Work Reaps Rewards

While you may think putting more expenses into the house you’re trying to sell is a poor investment, you couldn’t be more wrong. Making your home as attractive to buyers could help you to get a higher offer, especially if multiple buyers are interested.

There are a number of low-cost things you can do that will spruce up the interior of your home. Repainting your walls with a neutral color can go a long way to making your home feel inviting to potential buyers. A good window cleaning will make your home sparkle inside and out. Hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished, making them look brand new. This is especially helpful, as many buyers today desire hardwood floors.

If your home is carpeted, steam cleaning them thoroughly can make them appear like new. However, sometimes cleaning cannot remove long-standing stains. If there are stains in your carpet that cannot be removed, you may want to consider laying down new carpeting.

It’s also important to fix-up any small issues like broken light switches, leaky faucets, and small cracks or blemishes. These details, while relatively insignificant, quickly add up for potential buyers.

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