Get Your Property Surveyed Before Selling or Buying

Prior to selling or buying a home, you want to know what is the clear borders of your now or soon to be property are. In order to do this, it’s important to get your property surveyed. Today, we’ll look at the reasons it is good to get your property surveyed.

Avoiding Property Disputes

When buying or selling your home, it can bring up potential property disputes among your neighbors. Especially if your property is not a fenced in lot. They may raise claims that a part of land is theirs and not your own. Getting your property surveyed will give you and your neighbors clear boundaries of where both your property lays.

Understanding the Property Taxes

Getting property of your current or new home evaluated will help you understand the property taxes you will pay on your property. This could end up saving you hundreds or a few thousand dollars if the lot has been inaccurately surveyed in the past. It will also give prospective buyers a good idea of how much they will have to save annually to stay current on their property taxes. It is one of the biggest expenses for a home outside of a mortgage.

Knowing if you can add an addition

Building an addition on your home like a back patio, deck, pool or other will require land. In order to make those expansions, you need to accurately know what land you will have to build on. Getting your property surveyed will give you a clear definition of what land you are able to use to complete that project.

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons to get your property surveyed when you are looking to sell your new home as well as buy a new home. When you are thinking about selling your home or looking into finding a new one, hire a credible surveyor to understand the boundaries of the property. This will help you in the long run with moving in your new home.

If you are looking to sell or buy a home in the Encinitas area, I’d be happy to show you available properties. Call me or send me an email to arrange a meeting. I look forward to speaking with you.

Linda Moore

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