Two Upcoming Events

Hey guys! I’ve got some good news for you. Did you know that I have two awesome promotional events coming up soon? It is perfect timing too because they are helpful during the stressful time of tax season! I am always looking for ways to help you out.

The first one I need to tell you about is my 2017 Tax Season Cash Giveaway! All you need to do to win 1,000 dollars in cash is enter the drawing by filling out an entry below before April 13th. The winner will then be announced on April 14th so you can pay your CPA and still have a party to celebrate the end of the stress. Fill in the attached form below with your name, phone, address, and email address. Afterwards, you can choose to either mail it in, fax it in, or email it in. Chase those IRS blues away!!! How big of a difference would 1,000 dollars make to your tax season woes? A huge one, most likely. So, enter today!

The second event I need to tell you about is another one of my FREE paper shredding event. I will be holding it on Saturday, May 6th which will be perfect timing so you can get rid of all those old tax returns and documents cluttering your home. Just stop by my office on Saturday, May 6th with all your documents and I will have a professional shredding company will be there waiting to shred all your private documents into discernable bits and pieces of paper at absolutely NO COST. You’ve got to come by!!!

Here is further info for that including times and the address of my office:

Free Paper Shredding Event

Saturday, May 6th

10 am until 1 pm

740 Garden View Court

Encinitas, CA


Check out the flyers for both events below:


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