Valentine’s Day for All Those “Singletons” Out There

I am a strong believer in giving yourself gifts and learning how to have fun on your own. When you love yourself, and are comfortable with yourself then life is so much more satisfying. So, this Valentine’s Day, whether you are single or not, you should learn how to treat yourself well. Here are some things you can do on Valentine’s Day if you are single (and even if you aren’t single but want some quality “you time”):

  • Make a date with your close friends
  • Or perhaps a date with the couch for some good Netflix binging time
  • Cook a nice and fancy meal for yourself
  • Or order take-out so you don’t have to cook for once
  • Just out of a relationship? Maybe do something that they never wanted to do…
  • Go to one of those wine and painting classes
  • Color at home with a glass of wine
  • Book a massage or another spa treatment
  • Have a DIY spa night at home
  • Buy something frivolous just for you

Here are some great ideas on what you can buy for yourself:

  • Sparkling wine and chocolate
  • Aromatherapy essential oils and candles
  • Faux fur pillows that are super comfy
  • Luxurious perfume
  • Fancy glasses like brand new champagne flutes
  • Fun coffee mugs
  • Flashy noise cancelling headphones
  • Bubble bath or other at-home spa materials


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