Organize Your Closet so You Can See Everything

I don’t think I can be the only one who struggles to have everything in sight when I am picking an outfit in the morning. If I can’t see it then it’s like a I don’t own it so I don’t wear it. Some other people have shared that they also have this constant organizing dilemma so I thought I would look to see what I could find online that might help. I came up with a great list of tips for each clothing article type, how to store them so they are easy to see and not hidden in the corner or covered up by other items.

Shoes: If you have a very small closet then you may need to use some DIY storage boxes but you can tape a picture to the outside so you know which shoes are in which. If you have a medium to large space, then you should put a narrow bookcase in your closet so your shoes can be closer to eye level. You could hang heels on the wall using many different types of racks that you can get at the store or make DIY.

Sweaters: These pieces of clothing can end up at the very bottom of drawers where you forget you even own that particular sweater. The problem is if you do hand them up, it can stretch them out making weird lumps on each shoulder. This article shows you how to hang them so they don’t do that. Also, if you own too many they can squish together so much on the rack that you can’t see them individually. In the article on Apartment Therapy, they have a link to amazing Hanger Space Makers that separate your clothes on the hangers so you can actually see them!

Accessories: Scarves. Hats. Belts. Now these can be hard to organize so they are visible because they are smaller and more likely to get lost or hidden amongst the piles. Try using cheap shower rings from the dollar store and hang those on a regular hanger and twist the scarves around them so they don’t become tangled. You could also attach a curtain rod to the back of your closet door and use that for scarves and belts.

Check out the article for even MORE ideas:

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