Virtual Tour of Encinitas Home on Sprucewood Dr

I have seen many fascinating homes in the twenty plus years I have been a real estate agent in Encinitas. All of them have wonderful qualities and a few have been extremely captivating and charming. The most stunning and statuesque homes leave a long lasting impression on the viewer. At times I experience chills of excitement when I am issued a new Encinitas home to sell. Helping someone purchase a new home is an extremely rewarding and powerful experience. Knowing that many people have found their dream Encinitas home as a result of my efforts fills my days with blue skies and sunshine! I previously posted an Encinitas house on 335 Sprucewood Dr, which is one of those homes!

I have uploaded a new video for you to view. Although a virtual tour is nothing like taking a physical tour, this video is still able to do this home justice. Everything about this remarkable home in Encinitas is astonishing! It is proof that a house does not have to be gargantuan to completely captivate.

Taking the video tour will give you a sense of how the morning sunlight penetrates and brightens the walls. Every room in the home is painted in light colors and will uplift your mood. Imagine reading your favorite book in the sun room and pausing to watch a bird in your back yard in between pages. Picture yourself tip toeing in your swimsuit to the spa on a warm summer evening. As you soak you look at all the gorgeous surrounding greenery and hear the gentle rush of the waterfall. Look at the roomy work station you can use to quietly finish your project. It is an amazing home and I recommend you view it in person!


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