Eight Warning Signs Your Landlord May Be Breaking the Law

It’s easy to feel like something happening with your landlord is unjust or unfair, but is it illegal. Legal versus illegal actions on the part of the landlord or tenant can be a blurry line since landlord-tenant laws differ a lot from state to state. However, as Trulia puts it “the best way to protect yourself from an unscrupulous landlord is to know your tenant rights.” If you see any of these eight warning signs, then you ought to look at your landlord a little closer:

  1. Your landlord won’t let you see a Certificate of Occupancy
  2. You landlord asks if you were born in another country
  3. You’re expected to pay a nonrefundable deposit
  4. The security deposit is overly-expensive
  5. The terms of the lease don’t sound right
  6. Your landlord comes by unannounced
  7. Your landlord raised the rent in the middle of the lease
  8. Your landlords want to sell (and wants you out)


Check out the original article to find out why these are warning signs that your landlord may be breaking some laws:


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