Live-In Home Staging: Yes, That’s a Thing

Many homeowners hire a home stager to impress buyers with what can be done with a vacant home. However, some homeowners are deciding to take it a step further so the home doesn’t look too staged but rather looks genuinely lived in, but in a fashionable and spotless way. Yes, many sellers are hiring people to live in their house while it is on the market. Basically, this is how it works: the staging company finds someone who can move into your home bringing their most attractive furniture. The staging company arranges the furniture perfectly and the people who live there take care of all the cleaning and upkeep of the property and leave the house whenever there is a showing!

These live-in home staging managers don’t get paid to live in the homes but they do get the benefit of living in very posh homes for usually only a third of the market rate. The people who promote this service and use this service strongly believe that buyers are more drawn to homes that are occupied and lived in by a real person rather than just a nicely staged empty shell of a home.

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