11 Houses George Washington COULD Have Slept In

Happy President’s Day everybody! Hopefully you got the day off.

We all know those real estate clichés that make us feel like we might burst if we hear the phrase “location, location, location” one more time. There actually exists a lesser known and much older real estate cliché that has to do with one of our founding fathers and is, therefore, related to President’s Day. According to Smithsonian Magazine, our first President George Washington, while fighting in the Revolutionary War, “spent the night in so many inns and private houses that ‘George Washington Slept Here” became a cliché.”

Now, the eleven houses that Realtor.com lists in this article don’t actually make that bold claim but they are old enough that it is very possible he COULD have slept in them. They all speak to the fact that people knew how to build homes very well in the 1700s as they are all from that time period, still standing, and actually move in ready. It’s truly amazing how these homes are in better shape than many homes of more recent vintages.

Check out the homes here:


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